It's Simple.
Refer a business to our Dynamic Ad Program.
You get $100 cash - the advertiser gets an extra month of advertising for FREE!*

Almost any local business can benefit from an ad on our website. We have the resources here to show them how effective our ad program is and when they sign up and pay, we'll send you $100 cash! It's that simple!


Contact Mary Ann Baviello at 215-340-7692 or

  • Advertisers appear on all 48 of our local websites covering Bucks, Montgomery and Hunterdon Counties and the Lehigh Valley
  • Advertisers average 90,000+ monthly impressions
  • The program provides advertisers with an "ad box"
  • The "ad box" rotates through all sites with a "real-time" that can be changed whenever they want! It's a great way to announce a sale, share a promotion, announce a new service, or anything at all.
  • The "ad box" can also contain an offer, coupon or video. How cool is that?!
  • Advertisers also receive a featured listing in our business directory.
  • The cost of this program is $750.00/year.
  • If they sign up through you, they'll get an extra month of advertising for FREE! It really pays to know you!

The nitty gritty can be found on our Dynamic Ad Program page.


Contact Mary Ann Baviello at 215-340-7692 or

Get Cash For Your Referrals!

To get started, simply talk us up to a business owner you know! When they sign up, pay and provide your name as the referrer, we'll send you a check for $100. Be sure they have your name, email and phone number to enter when they sign up so we can contact you.

3 easy ways to get the word out:

1. Send them to to get all of the info they need and a link to the special form to sign up.

2. Print out our fact sheet to hand out with your information added to it - Printable Fact Sheet (PDF)

3. Email them a message like the one below:

Hi friend,
Do you know about this awesome community website at It has a huge events calendar and local business listings, along with other cool resources (too numerous to mention). They have a great advertising program for local businesses. The cost is $750.00/year and includes a ton of exposure (90,000+ impressions/month). Seems like a great deal compared to print advertising and even other online ad platforms. And since I invited you, you'll get an extra month free if you sign up at and include my name in the "referred by" section.

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Contact Mary Ann Baviello at 215-340-7692 or

*New advertisers only. reserves the right to discontinue this referral program at any time.