Dynamic Ad Program

We make digital advertising easy! Sophisticated digital ads don’t have to be complicated. Just give us some basic information through an online form, and we will take it from there.

This program includes two components: (1) a Dynamic Ad Box that circulates in a random rotation through all of the pages of our 48 websites, and (2) an Expandable Featured Listing that is placed within appropriate categories of our Business Directory.

Advertising Program Example1) Dynamic Ads - Your Company in a Box

Question: What should a digital ad accomplish for your company?

Answer: It should foster brand awareness, send a message to potential customers, and ultimately result in customer engagement.

Our dynamic ads are comprised of three distinct sections that are geared to achieve each of these goals. The top third is for a company logo, the middle third is for a changeable company message, and the bottom third is devoted to social media links, town and phone number.

Brand Awareness
Advertising in Lehigh Valley
Our advertisers are averaging over 200,000 impressions per month which are received when dynamic ads circulate through our 48 websites. This level of exposure will help to build brand awareness.
Real-Time Message
Advertising in Lehigh Valley
Control your company’s message with an easy portal. For example, announce a sale, new product, new service, event, seasonal opportunities, job openings - or basically anything you want.
Customer Engagement
Advertising in Lehigh Valley
Create a message that resonates with potential customers and motivate them to learn more about you. We make this easy by allowing customers to click-through to your website and social media outlets, all from your dynamic ad.

2) Expandable Featured Listing - Build Your Digital Brand

The Expandable Featured Listing will be found in our robust Business Directory containing over 13,000 listings. Our directory is organized by thematic guides (i.e. home improvement, pets, seniors, kids, etc.) With over 300 business categories to choose from, we are sure to find one or more categories to place your featured listing at the top of a category page. With so many listings, the placement and size of your Featured Listing will ensure that your ad will be seen.

Featured Listings contain the dynamic ad (described above), detailed business description, all contact information (phone, address, email), links to website and social media, mini photo gallery, coupon link, and more). It is truly "Your Company in a Box" - your "elevator pitch" that will entice customers to contact you.

Program Performance

We believe in transparency and want you to have the information necessary to determine the effectiveness of this program. To this end, BucksCountyAlive.com will give you access to your ad's performance (both impressions and click-throughs).

Introductory Program Cost

You can choose between two payment options:

  • A subscription (pay as you go) payment of $75/month; or
  • An annual payment of $750 (a savings of $150 over one year, compared to the monthly payment plan).

With a minimum investment of $75, you can participate in the next generation of display advertising!

Questions? Contact Mary Ann at 215-340-7692 or .

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